ArccaPolo, upcoming Belgian-Brazilian singer and songwriter, releases his debut
EP “Half”. Following the deep dive into the obscure corners of human psyche, this
album sheds a light on his love for 80’s rock. Taking cues from his personal strife with feelings of powerlessness and self-loathing, ArccaPolo depicts how a person can internally collapse, becoming a prisoner of his own mind. Paradoxically, those raw emotions end up being the very catalyst to his artistic vision, a despotic muse shining ever brighter with each misfortune.

With the guidance of producer Eamonn Tobin, he strikes an introspective
tone, intensely resonating with his most intimate and distressing thoughts. Nevertheless, ArccaPolo’s message is one of perseverance. Even brought to your knees, there is still a way to find inspiration in the face of adversity,
to reap self-worth from the experience.